New film being submitted

After a year of work, TO QUIET MY MIND is complete. Festival submissions have begun.

Genre: drama, art house, short format

Log: Art to silence the demons in a mind tortured by war.

Directors Statement: To Quiet My Mind is my directorial debut. I wanted to make a mixed media micro short. The film was written with actor Ryan McKenzie in mind for the lead role, knowing that he is a painter as well as a talented actor. I utilized his portrait painting as the lynch pin for the film.

Stepping into the protagonist’s eyeball, I made the portrait come alive, accomplishing this with a slow, long dolly push, green screen, and other visual effects. I chose to project the “film within a film” directly onto my actor’s face. This projection segment was a successful way to maintain practical camera effects within my movie.

The auditory experience was an chief aspect for me. Sound effects made to sound similar but not of the actual noise – children on a roller coaster yelling rather than the screams of war, the crunch of eating crackers rather than the crunch of rock beneath army boots.

The topic of imagination and memory is a fascination of mine. People value their memories as facts. However, memories are not fact. Memories are what we choose to recall. What we value from the actual situation becomes the memory itself. Imagination fills in the gaps. Imagination can also paint a vivid picture of a circumstance in which we were not even present. Imagination makes other peoples’ stories relatable to our own human experience.

Balancing the cerebral nature of TO QUIET MY MIND with a meaningful narrative was important to me. I am very grateful to my extraordinary team and am thrilled to share this piece.

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Wrapped shooting VENGEANCE, and officially my first western. Staring as one ruthless killer in a band of outlaws, I learned how to quick draw and fire a six shooter.

I have been a life long horseback rider and competitive gymkhana racer. It has been a dream of mine to utilize my expertise riding on camera. I am grateful to have had that opportunity in this film.

Green Piece

Had such an amazing time shooting in Philadelphia for this new comedy series GREEN PIECE.  Truly an honor to share the screen with Brian O’Halloran (aka Dante/Kevin Smith’s films) and Dian Bachar (BASEketball). These fellas were a hoot! The whole production is filled with such great talent. Very excited to shoot more episodes!

Green Piece

I am very excited to join the cast of Green Piece.  A Philadelphia based comedy series about a gang of goofballs. Wild mischief and mishaps unfold for these stoner wanna be artists as they try to make it through this wacky thing called life. “They’re kind of famous…but still living with their parents.”

I will be a reoccurring guest star, the aggro twin sister of one of the leads. It will be such a treat to shoot in my home state of Pennsylvania.

Life stuff

Life is fun on and off set. Here’s a little slice of it. Hiking, painting a set for a concert stage, Behind the scenes film shoot, behind the scenes photo shoot, first time dirt biking 🙂


I had the pleasure of staring in this beautiful short film PASSOVER.

The story of an orphaned, homeless Syrian refugee boy and the newspaper illustrator that befriends him and shares his plight with the world.

Just had my first look at the film and was so moved. I have a great feeling it will do very well on the festival circuit. The writer director Bash Achkar is truly brilliant and was a dream to work with. My young co-star Diego was truly talented as well.

Promo and Events

Gifted some great clothing from OM-Open Minded – causal and yoga wear.

Sample shot from a concept album cover I modeled for. Shot by the front man of the band. THE BLACK AND THE WHITE is such a groovy sound. Check them out.

From the FINAL DRAFT AWARDS 2016. Me and some wildly talented screen writer friends. Thesy Surface, Edwin Cannistraci, Me, Matthew Von Manahan



“Boyz in The Wood” web series has decided to shoot a film. I guest star in the new project!

Here is the youtube channel for the Hip-Hop Comedy series.

Here are some stills of me and my posse. Can’t wait to see the final cut of the film.